esp12e arduino programming

Friday, May 19, 2017

1. Configure Arduino IDE
File -> Preferences -> paste link as "Additional Boards Manager URLs":

 Type "esp" in search box -> install esp library:

2. Wire connection
Use external 3.3V to supply board.
Connect board to FTDI COM port board

3. Load example
Configure programming for ESP in Arduino:

Make blinking example -> Upload to board (remember press button "reset" as in step 2, right after "uploading ...." appear)

Step 4. Running
Circuit in step 2 follows configure as above picture -> upload is done (as Arduino IDE information)
However, to make the board running (this example is blinking on Port16) but it didn't work at all!!!
Somebody can help?


  1. Did you try with other GPIO. 16 has role in the deep sleep function, so it's better to try an other one. And refer to the Kolban's book about ESP8266

    1. Hi, even i don't use GPIO16, just use "serial print", but no response in Monitor window
      Sometimes, it's blinking with "Hello world..." feedback, but stop after that
      Power supply is OK at 3.0~3.6VDC



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