Raspberry Pi - battery calculation

Tuesday, November 1, 2016

For project with mobility, Raspberry Pi of-course needs an Battery to live it. How to calculate battery capacity? How long the battery can last?

Nowadays, phone power bank is popular with various type. In additional, it feeds 5VDC via USB port which is suitable for Raspberry port, also it includes charger which easily charge when battery is run out. So, using phone power bank is a good choice for Raspberry board.

Phone power bank will have capacity with unit mAh. Let's choose one power bank: 5VDC 10,000mAh
How long this battery can feed Raspberry?
Example, Raspberry Pi 2 B is used -> this board will need 5VDC 800mA at every single time
In this example, battery is 5VDC 10,000mAh -> it means battery can supply power 5VDC with current 800mA in time: 10,000mAh / 800mA = 12.5h (over 12 hours!)

So, to extend battery life time: use phone power bank with higher capacity (mAh), reduce power consumption of Raspberry by stop using Wifi dongle, USB camera, GPIO, monitor or touch screen.

One more thing in mobility project like remote car with camera, to make it live 24/24, it'd better to make an Wireless charger for battery. In idle time, Raspberry should stay at one location for charging, when needed, it will go depend on user. After finish mission, it should go back for charging (idle)

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