How to install plcsim v5.4 on windows 7

Tuesday, October 18, 2016

PLCSIM - help to simulate I/O, without using real hardware

Step 1. Download "SIMATIC_S7_PLCSIM_V5.4_SP4.exe" from Siemens site, link here

Step 2. Open text file, input following code and change name file to "PLCSim.reg"
Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00

"VersionString"="V5.4 + SP4"
"MainFile"="C:\\Program Files\\Siemens\\Plcsim\\s7wsi\\S7wsvapx.exe"
"Path"="C:\\Program Files\\Siemens\\Plcsim"


Step 3. Run above file: double click and run it

Step 4. Install PLCSIM file (file download on Step 1)

Step 5. Make simple hardware/ program

Step 6. Download hardware: [1] open simulation -> [2] run PLC -> [3] download hardware

Step 7. Download software: [1] still open Simulation -> [2] stop PLC -> [3] download program
Note: Step 6 and Step 7: if using "RUN-P" in simulation -> don't need to stop/start PLC to download software/hardware

Step 8. Simulate: open input/output variable at "Insert" menu. Click on input 0.0, then output 0.0 and 0.1 will be ON as in program OB1

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